First Last
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Explicit, Romance

<Unnamed guy 1> and <Unnamed guy 2> fell in love at 16. Living in Smalltown America in the South made coming out impossible, but they made it work. Until <Unnamed guy 1> was pushed out of the closet right before graduation. Thinking <Unnamed guy 2> would stand up with him he accepted the new labels thrown his way. But when he doesn’t, <Unnamed guy 1> is hurt and runs away as soon as the finals are handed in.

15 years later a chance meeting and all of the hurt comes back for <Unnamed guy 1>. But <Unnamed guy 2> isn’t going to repeat his past mistakes. He’s going to take the gift he’s been given and prove himself a changed man and finally worthy of the love they shared before they fully understood what love was.

Currently a Work in Progress