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GRL Recap Day 3

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Yesterday was a BLAST! Today was so much fun. I got to see some wonderful authors, met an author I loved that I didn’t realize was here, and catch up with people I haven’t seen in a year. I loved all of the panels I went to today (and of course had trouble choosing again!). Plus the Fun Fair was today and that’s always a guaranteed good time no matter which one you choose.

The morning kicked off with panels. There’s Kindle Alexander, LC Chase, and Kaje Harper for Q&A; Jambrea Jo Jones, Kendall McKenna, and Cherie Noel for Author Readings; and Stephanie Hecht, Amber Kell, and RJ Scott for Storytellers: Flawed Heroes. There were authors at each panel I wanted to see. However I went with Storytellers because I loved the panel Stephanie, Amber, and RJ had last year. This year was no different. We talked about what people think the “perfect” man would look and act like, and contrast that to some of each author’s flawed characters. They did some giveaways. However the highlight was playing “Pin the Cock on the Jock”! There was a picture of a man and some pretend cocks that volunteers had to try and put in the correct spot. Some of the people were really accurate! Fun times were had by all.

The second panel had Sandrine Gasq-Dion, Erica Pike, and LM Somerton for Q&A; Dev Bentham, Rick R Reed, and Lissa Kasey/Sam Kadence for Author Readings; and TA Chase, Carol Lynne, and Devon Rhodes for Storytellers: Menage. Since I couldn’t choose which one to go to because each one had authors I love, I went to the reading because I hadn’t been to one yet. I am so glad that I did because I loved listening to the excerpts each author gave. The best though was the last one Rick read. It was a letter to a younger version of himself. Had me in tears it was so touching. I’m honored that Rick chose that to share with us. Not only was it a wonderful view on how his writing has changed over time but how his view on romance changed at the same time. Absolutely beautiful.

The final panel of the day had Cheryl Dragon, Marie Sexton, and Piper Vaughn for Q&A; Geoffrey Knight, BG Thomas, and Sara York for Author Readings; and JP Barnaby, James Buchanan, and Lisa Henry for Storytellers: BDSM. I’ll give y’all two guesses where I went, and the first one doesn’t count. As a massive BDSM fan, and Lisa Henry fan, I couldn’t wait to get there. I loved that the panel was set up where each author talked about writing BDSM from a different point of view. JP Barnaby as a submissive, James Buchanan as a Dom, and Lisa Henry as someone not in the lifestyle at all (so writing from a research only point of view). I’ve never read anything by James Buchanan but I need to. All of the books he talked about sounded so good! JP and James also brought some implements they have personal experience with. When they opened the floor for questions I of course had to ask if their role (or non-role) in the kink community effects how they write from different perspectives. I also had a ton more questions I didn’t get a chance to ask but that’s alright. Just means I have to ask them later!

During lunch they had the Author Lounges again. The authors scheduled for today were split into two groups just like yesterday. I stuck my head in and it looked really popular again. From what I could see it’s set up kind of like a mini signing in that authors are at tables and can talk with people one on one for a few moments. There was some actual book signings going on but not much. It was great to see so many conversations going on. I’ll be interested to hear how others liked this event since it’s new this year.

The last event of the day was the Fun Fair events. The choices were Nothing Better Than… Blue Notes; Scrapbooking with The Rainbow Romance Writers; and The Cockwalk. After the lunch break I sat for the Nothing Better Than… Blue Notes event. I was privileged enough to listen to Shira Anthony practice for her performance a few days ago. She gave me chills during the practice with her arias. Today they were just that much better. I love that we got to listen to her amazing voice. Then everyone else got a chance to sing for karaoke. There were some people that had amazing voices! Two that stood out were Pearl Love and Posy Roberts. Holy moly y’all! If you can get them up at karaoke at the after party DO IT!

This evening’s event was the Casino Royale. I enjoyed dressing up for this event. But then again I love to dress up anyway. So many people were dressed amazingly. It was also nice to see people being comfortable while there as well. Not everyone wants to wear the whole deal. The best part of the evening was that you were given five hundred in fake money and allowed to ACTUALLY GAMBLE! Some people were really good at the gambling. I didn’t even bother to try because I knew I’d lose it all on my first try. You could use your play money to buy raffle tickets for some pretty great prizes.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. There’s some great panels I’m looking forward to. But the highlight of the day is the Fangirl/Fanboy squee event. Otherwise known as the book signing. I can’t wait!


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