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So I was given the opportunity to help promote the launch of a new website for authors. My interest was piqued. When I read about what Anyta Sunday was putting together I was excited for everyone that is able to take part. She and her team are putting together a four day workshop in Europe. The website for the workshop has just launched. If you’re in Europe, or are able to take time off to go, it sounds like a great opportunity. Check out all of the details below.

About CritShop:
So you’ve got a great idea, and even put it to paper? But where to go from there? Is my book ready for publication? Should I find an agent, a publisher, or should I self-publish? And who can help me to get there? In today’s publishing world, there are more options for writers than ever, but who can help navigate them?

Europe-based Writing Workshop for LGBT Fiction offers four days packed with presentations, critiques, stress-buster sessions, and one-on-one intensives to get your story to the next level. Story idea or fully formed manuscript – our experienced team will be there to workshop it to the max.

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