Authors In The City Recap

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First I want to say how much fun I had with my best friend at this signing. We got to hang out, meet some authors we like and discover some new ones as well. We both bought some books and I’m beyond excited to read them. This signing was an event BMcB (Glynda) found out about and when she told me about it we knew we had to go together. So glad I did!

We arrived at Myrtle Beach at the convention center early. We offered to help out at the swag table after registration and it was fun talking to some of the others that were attending the signing too. We met some super nice people and it’s always fun to bond over our mutual love of books.

Once it was time to go into the signing we headed straight for our favorite Shayla Black and spent time chatting with her, her assistant and Lexi Blake. Of course we got our plethora of books signed while we were there.

The two of us went around the room and stopped by all of the author’s tables and had them sign our boards and talked about which books they’d recommend. About halfway through we took a break to check into the hotel and drop off books in our room before we came back and got everyone else to sign our boards and buy more books. I’m beyond excited about our signed boards that we can hang up as a memory of our time here!

When we were all done at the signing Glynda and I went back to our room to grab some sustenance before heading out to the meet and greet. We enjoyed standing around talking with cover model Ryan Patrick and new friends that we made today.

It wasn’t long before the doors opened and dinner got started while the DJ played music for everyone to enjoy. The yummy dinner gave us the fuel we needed to get our groove on once the night really got started.

All in all this was a fabulous event that both Glynda and I enjoyed immensely. We made some new friends, got some new books to read, and hopefully will be making the trip next year.


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