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I am very excited to have Devon McCormack join me today on my blog. I had the pleasure to interview him and ask some questions relating to his newly released book Clipped. Below the interview you will find all of the information about this great book. I love the idea behind it and can’t wait to read it myself. At the very bottom of the page is a giveaway for either a signed copy of Clipped (US winners), or an e-copy (International winners). Be sure to read all the way through so you can enter!

Amanda C. Stone: So I was reading the blurb for your book and thought that the idea that God and Satan were lovers was really interesting. Especially with God being the bad guy. How did you come up with the idea to flip traditional thoughts of where “good” and “evil” come from?
Devon McCormack: I was reading Mark Twain’s Letters From the Earth. Twain’s Satan is a pretty reasonable guy, but his God is a sadistic megalomaniac. It was a fun perspective, and as I was musing on it, I thought, “What if they’d been lovers and Satan’s fall had just been post break-up drama?” And the writing of Clipped commenced…
ACS: What a great way for Clipped to have come about. Good and evil have been two sides of a coin since the beginning of time. What is your favorite example of how the two interact with each other? For example the yin yang symbol shows how the two balance each other. There have also been some pretty famous painting showing the two.
DM: When I was in high school, our neighbor gave my family a statuette of Gabrielle casting Satan from Heaven. It was a fairly disturbing, lizard-esque Satan. Gabrielle was stepping on his scaly face, jabbing a sword into his back, and looking pretty pissed off. I don’t know why our neighbor thought we needed this, but it left quite an impression on me. As I looked at the pissed angel violently pwning this disgusting-looking creature, I had to ask, “Is that what good looks like? Can good only win with a sword? And if it has to be tyrannous to be victorious, can we really call it good?” I think the statuette represents the hypocrisy that we find in things we conventionally label as “good” and “evil,” and it prods us to think harder about what those words mean and how the battle really plays out.
ACS: That statue sounds like it would give me nightmares. So very strange that your neighbor would give it as a gift though. But I agree that sometimes “good” isn’t always as good as it should be. So now of course we have to ask the next obvious question. Angels or demons?
DM: I’d probably say team demon to sound cool, but I’m a fairly vain person. I’d probably want the social acceptance that comes along with being team angel.
ACS: I think I’d be team angels only because they get huge fluffy wings. Which angel (or demon) is your favorite and why?
DM: Joan of Arc claimed that the Archangel Michael was her adviser. Based on how her life turned out, there’s something twisted about the idea of having the angels counseling you all the way to a fiery stake. I figure if I was an angel, I’d do stuff like that. I’d be like, “God, who do I need to go mess with today?” That said, I figure Michael and I would get along pretty well, but I probably wouldn’t ask him for advice.
ACS: Yeah Michael is a little twisted. But he could be fun if you’re not the one he’s messing with. There are some fun movies out there about angels, demons, God, and Satan. Which is your favorite?
DM: I really like the ethereal demon of The Exorcist. The idea that something could possess me and make me do horrible things to myself and others is terrifying. Nothing conveys the horror of this like the crucifix up Linda Blair’s lady part while she’s shouting, “I want Jesus inside me!” Brilliant and disturbing. I use this sort of demon in my next book, Hideous, which I’m releasing through Harmony Ink Press. It’s about a guy who lost a hand and an eye when he was little and his father was possessed by a demon. Later in life, the demon returns and possesses him.
ACS: I’ve never seen the Exorcist. Way too scary for me. But the idea of your book Hideous is very interesting. Now for the last question. Castiel (Misha Collins) or Crowley (Mark Sheppard)?
DM: I figure I’m supposed to know who these guys are. *Google Search* Ah. I’m familiar with Supernatural, but only through shirtless pictures and some frightening slash of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. That said, I’m wondering why I wasn’t given those guys as options. Probably because it would be impossible to choose. From what I hear, the show is great and I think I would love it.
ACS: Don’t tell anyone but I’ve never seen the show either. My husband watches it and I knew it featured some good demons and angels. I had to Google it myself.

Now read all about the book.

Though mortals have been convinced that God cares about their souls, nothing could be further from the truth. He created the world as a gift for his lover, Satan. But when Satan left him, he decided to end what he saw as his most grotesque creation.

Satan and his army of demons are man’s only hope…

The demon Kinzer and his lover, Janka, have been sent by Satan to spy on The Raze, a gang of rogue demons who are working with God to bring about Armageddon. When someone exposes their true allegiances, The Raze clips Kinzer’s wings and murders Janka. Kinzer manages to escape. He tracks down Satan’s allies to warn them about a mole in their midst when he learns that they’ve located the Antichrist—a powerful weapon that could prevent the apocalypse. Now, he’s on a mission to protect the Antichrist and avenge his lover’s death.

Dedrus scanned Kinzer’s body, admiring his massive biceps, his brown eyes, and his black waves of hair. Even with the wounds and tears that still tainted his face, he was beautiful. Dedrus wanted to press him back against the cushion, rip off his clothes, and provide him with the ease he deserved. But no! He was just wanting it for himself, and he was pretending that it was to serve Kinzer’s pain.

“I loved him so much.” The words cracked through Kinzer’s lips. His cheeks and forehead shivered. Tears filled his eyes. “I know we had so much time, but it wasn’t enough.”

The sting in Dedrus’s chest intensified. His cheeks flashed red as anger washed over him—anger that he loathed because it made him feel like a terrible, selfish creature.

He set his hand on Kinzer’s back, his palm stroking softly across the blue fabric of his polo. He wanted to say, “You’ll find love again.” He couldn’t, because he knew he’d really be saying, “Please find love in me.” He thought of saying, “Everything will be alright.” No. He couldn’t make that kind of promise. “It’ll take time,” felt appropriate, and yet, as an immortal, Dedrus never perceived time as a generous gift as much as a twisted, agonizing punishment.

“I wish I could think of something right to say about this,” Dedrus said, “but I can’t. I know how much you loved him, and I know how much he loved you, and I can’t imagine how hard this is going to be for you. But I’m here. As your friend. I don’t know if that means much, but I know the feeling of having something so perfect and wonderful torn from you.”

Kinzer’s gaze met his. His eyes were sad.

Does he know what I’m talking about?

“Tell me you’ve found someone,” Kinzer said.

“Of course,” he lied. “I’m just being overdramatic.”

“I figured as much. Considering where you work, I’m sure you get a lot of offers.”

It was true, but not the way Kinzer was suggesting. There were nights when Treycore dragged some pathetic mortal back to ease Dedrus’s pain. Those nights were the loneliest. Though he could bring himself to climax, it was an empty relief that just stirred the cruel memories of those moments filled with so much more.

Dedrus hugged him again. “Let’s get to bed,” he said. “You need some sleep.”

Kinzer nodded.

“We have plenty to sort through tomorrow. You can have my room. I’ll just sleep here.”

Dedrus released him.

Kinzer picked the sword up off his lap and stood. He reached his hand out. “Come on. It won’t be the first time we’ve shared a bed.”

The upward curl of his lip let Dedrus know that Kinzer was more than interested.

Dedrus’s dick swelled. “I don’t think I can.” He wanted Kinzer so bad, and if he put himself in that position, he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to resist making a move—especially if Kinzer initiated something.

“I’d rather not disrespect you like that,” Dedrus said.

Kinzer’s hand fell, bouncing against his jeans. His head drooped.

“Then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Dedrus smiled. “‘Night, Kinzer.”

Kinzer knelt, offering a light peck on Dedrus’s lips.

Don’t tease me with a taste!

“Up the stairs, first room on the right.”

Kinzer walked up the stairs, headed down the hall, and slipped into Dedrus’s bedroom.

Dedrus had hoped that Kinzer’s exit would provide some relief.

It didn’t.

He ached for him. His thoughts dwelled on Kinzer’s lips tickling his nipples, his gaze appreciating his body, his tongue delighting in his body’s grooves. He wanted to run upstairs and throw his arms around him, to hold him for the night, and tell him that no matter what happened he’d be there for him. He wanted more than that, but he wouldn’t press his friend. He wouldn’t dare cross that line…even if Kinzer insisted.

Spreading his limbs across the couch, he rested his head on a lace pillow at the end and rolled so that he was facing the cushions.

He closed his eyes.

A few moments passed before something pressed against his ass.

He flipped over and hopped to his feet, ready for a fight.

Kinzer stood before him, holding his hands out, as if showing a cop that he was unarmed. “Whoa, cowboy. Chill the fuck out.”

“Sorry.” Every hair on Dedrus’s immortal body stood on end. “You freaked the shit out of me. Did you need something? Another cover? Pillows?”

Kinzer wiggled his thumb behind the waistband in Dedrus’s khakis.

“Yeah. I need something.” He pulled their pelvises together.

His hot breath rushed across Dedrus’s lips, settling in the bristles across his cheeks. The warmth combined with a rush of blood that surged to his face and made him feel like his cheeks were about to catch on fire.

Kinzer pressed his lips against Dedrus’s.

Amidst the creases in Kinzer’s lips, Dedrus felt the smooth, subtle dip where Kinzer’s cut was healing.

He trailed his palm over the rough fabric of Kinzer’s polo. As he reached the smooth flesh of his neck, curly black hairs pricked his fingertips.

Kinzer opened his mouth wide. Dedrus eagerly reciprocated, tilting his head and allowing their lips to seal together. A swirling sensation gathered at the back of his spine and rushed to the crown of his skull.

Guilt nagged at his thoughts. He couldn’t do this. Kinzer didn’t really want him. He was just vulnerable and ached for a physical distraction from his grief. It would be wrong to take advantage while he was still recovering from Janka’s death.

Kinzer’s tongue flicked his.

He wanted Kinzer so bad, but not like that. Pressing his hand against the dip between the bulbous, jagged pecs before him, he broke their sealed kiss.

“What?” Kinzer rested his hands on either of Dedrus’s hips.

“This wouldn’t be right. I don’t want to disrespect you.”

“I know. But I want you to.”

Kinzer wrapped both arms around Dedrus. Spinning them around, he pushed Dedrus back against a painting that hung from the wall.

Kinzer’s eyes glistened with that gleam—the one that was so familiar to Dedrus.

Dedrus couldn’t control himself. His lips returned to their passionate embrace. His fingers found their way under Kinzer’s shirt, feeling about fervently, savoring the dips in his torso.

About Devon:
If I was writing an old-school craigslist personal, I’d say (appropriately in code): fit masc wm ddf lookin 4 same. 28yo. Of course, who’s honest with their craigslist personal ads? And who the hell uses craigslist these days? Please. That’s what grindr is for.

On a more serious note, I’m from Atlanta, GA. I work odd jobs. My gay erotic novel Clipped is available through Wilde City Press. I also have a vampire novel coming out through Wilde City in October and a young adult novel being released through Harmony Ink Press in June or July.

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