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I’m very excited to have Sid Love join me today. He’s got a brand new book out called Let It Go that I cannot wait to read. He joins me today to talk about where the story came from and some of his guy-spiration. Be sure to read all about the book because it’s one that sounds amazing!

Thank you, Amanda, for hosting me today.

My newest release – Let It Go – follows the story of two men coming from two different cultures and falling in love. So, I decided to take this opportunity to tell you about my inspirations for the two main characters in my story.

Damon O’Neil is a handsome American dude with pretty green eyes and brown curly hair. He is a character you’ll totally love because I personally enjoyed writing about him and showcasing him inside out. He is gay and he has a specific type when it comes to men. There’s something about Indian men that totally attracts him and when he visits India, love was bound to happen.

I knew exactly how Damon looked when I started thinking about the character and his story. The Glee actor Jonathan Groff has been the true inspiration for this character! Some of you know that I’ve got a crush on Jonathan for a veryyyy long time. So, I decided I had to base a character on him!

Virat, on the other hand, looks slightly like an Indian television actor Shaleen Bhanot – another delicious hunk I simply adore! He is this tall, dark and handsome guy everyone would like. No wonder Damon feels an instant attraction toward him.

The combination of my two celebrity crushes turned out amazing, as you can see on the cover! 😉

“Everyone tells me to stay away from him. But only if I knew how to resist him…”

Goa isn’t supposed to be one of the stops Damon O’Neil was taking while in India. It becomes a mere substitution to his big plans of visiting his sister in Paris for holidays. Because his boss, Mr. Boyles, ruins it all for him. He arranges an urgent visit for Damon to tend to all the system upgrades they needed for the company’s offshore units and Damon is too good to say no.

When a situation arises in a restaurant, a handsome Indian guy named Virat comes to his rescue. Damon is instantly smitten with his looks and especially, with his cute smile. Soon, he realizes that Virat is very much out of his league when the guy introduces him to his new wife.

However, there might just be a chance that Virat isn’t all what he pretends to be …

About Sid:
Sid Love grew up in one of busiest cities in the world, Mumbai, listening to the excerpts of Indian epics from his father every night. While it served as an inspiration back in time, he has always had an ambitious mind. In 2007, when he had just turned sixteen, he decided that he would make his lifelong dream come true—to become a well-known, respected author some day.

Ask him and he would refuse to accept that he is obsessed with books. Or movies. Or TV shows. Addicted may even be the right word. He is a die-hard fan of Jane Austen’s romance novels and loves to reread them time and again.

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