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I’m very excited to have Brynn Stein join me this morning. We got to have a super fun interview, but I also inadvertently made her do some thinking. Sorry! 😉 Her newest book For Mac is out now and I’ve gotta tell you I’m eager to read it. It sounds absolutely heart breaking but also beautiful at the same time. Read all about the book below and see for yourself. At the very bottom enter for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of For Mac, an electronic copy of For Mac, or three prizes of electronic copies of your choice of a back title.

Amanda C. Stone: Good morning Brynn! I’m so excited to have you here today.
Brynn Stein: Thanks Amanda. It’s great to be here.
ACS: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
BS: That’s a hard one. Decades ago, I would have said Paris without a moment’s thought, but as I get older and more conscious of money, the cost of everything there would be a problem. Somewhere in France would still definitely be in the running though. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, but I’ve seen posts on Facebook about spiders the size of a small car (okay that’s a hyperbole, but not by as much as I’d like because I’m terrified of spiders), so maybe I wouldn’t want to live there. Alaska is another stop on the bucket list, but again, just to visit. Perpetual cold and my aged knees don’t really mix well, so no long term stays in Alaska. Florida is a favorite. I’ve been several times and always enjoyed it, but it’s hot and expensive.
ACS: That list of places are all ones I’d go to temporarily as well.
BS: Okay, I haven’t really answered your question, but I’m discovering that I’m awfully picky! <G>

Really, anywhere my family is would be where I’d want to be. Cop out answer, I know, but it’s the only one I have. <G>
ACS: Yes! Family is important whether it’s blood relatives or your group of chosen family. Anyone can buy the rights to name a star. What would you name a star bought for you?
BS: Probably something completely unoriginal like my daughters’ initials and the years of their births. I’m not great at naming things. I had a collie named Lassie, a black cat named Midnight, and a large dog named Tank. You’d think I’d come up be better names being a writer, but there you have it.
ACS: Names are the hardest part of writing in my opinion so I’m with you on bad naming of stars. You’re going to a naughty costume party, what do you go as?
BS: Wow. Your questions are really thought provoking. First of all, let me preface my answer with this… NO ONE would want to see me in a naughty costume, unless it was also comedy night and they needed a good laugh.

But, in an ideal world, where I’d actually look good in a skimpy outfit, maybe Eve? Not that I think I’d be able to convince my significant other to dress as Adam even in an ideal world. <G> It would be cool to be confident enough to show up to a party in nothing but fig leaves.

Or maybe an angel. Something about the oxymoron there…naughty angel…intrigues me.
ACS: I’d love to have the confidence to “dress” as Eve. Whew! Setting the bar high there on naughty though. I love it! Do you have a library card and know where it is?
BS: Yep, and have used it in the last week. Of course I kind of cheat. I’m a teacher and I take my students to the public library often, trying to get them used to using it. They all have cards too, and know where they are. <G>
ACS: Hooray for teachers that take their class to the library! That makes me so happy. I loved showing my class the benefits of the library back when I was a teacher so kudos to you for doing it too.
BS: But, while I’m there, I do check out books for me if there’s time to look.
ACS: I love finding those books in the library that are just right for me to read. If there were a movie about your life, who would you want to play you? It can be anyone alive or dead.
BS: Meryl Streep or Glenn Close. More because I admire them as actresses and think they’re incredibly versatile, than because I think I’m anything like either of them.
ACS: Both are wonderful actresses! I love their work. I’ve got a total girl crush on Meryl Streep. Thank you for stopping by Brynn. I loved having you!
BS: Thanks for having me. It was fun. You made me think. <G>

Branson Farrell lost his parents when he was thirteen, and for the last ten years his brother, Mac, eight years his senior, has taken care of him. But Mac’s love came at a price. Both brothers were raised to believe being gay was completely unacceptable, and Branson has almost convinced himself he can be what Mac expects. When he looks at a man in a bar and Mac notices, Mac drags him off in horror.

Mac’s distress and disgust leads to a car accident that leaves Branson injured and Mac in a coma. Branson heals and stays at Mac’s bedside, but when Mac doesn’t recover, he is moved to a long-term care facility. There, Branson meets openly gay, confident, and attractive Liam Sullivan. Liam stirs feelings Branson thought he’d rid himself of, and to honor his brother, Branson fights tooth and nail against his attraction. When the cost of denying who he is becomes too high, Branson must battle a lifetime of hatred that’s been beaten into his body and mind to try for something of his own.

About Brynn:
I’ve always loved to write and wrote fan fiction before I even knew what it was called. When computers came along, with online communities and places to publish fan fiction, I wrote even more. Then a friend convinced me to try to have an altered version of an AU (alternate universe, meaning all but original) published. My manuscript was accepted and now I’m a ‘published author’.
Facebook Author Page:

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    The interview turned out so well. Thanks again for hosting me.

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    Just reading the blurb on this story had my chest feeling tight. It sounds like such a heart felt story and I’d Love to read it and learn what happens in the end.
    Much success to Brynn!
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