Skye Jones’ Claimed By Desire

The first book in this series was so good. I’m very excited to read Claimed by Desire. The lovely Skye Jones joins me today for a super fun interview where I ask all of the hard questions. Most importantly, what cocktails she’d drink on a date with Jane Austen! After you read all of the fun we had, check out all of the details about the book and an excerpt that makes you want to know what happens next! At the very bottom enter for a chance to win a gift card or one of two copies of the book.

Amanda C. Stone: Good morning Skye! Thank you so much for joining me today.
Skye Jones: Hi Amanda, Thanks so much for having me on your blog today. I’m looking forward to our chat.
ACS: If you were a candy bar what would you taste like?
SJ: Ooh, good question. I like to think I’d be a dark chocolate bar with chili. So that I’d have some spice to go with my sweet!
ACS: That’s some serious spice though. I’ve never had one of those bars. They scare me with their spiciness. There is magically 25 hours in a day. What would you do with the extra hour?
SJ: Read. Or sleep! How exciting am I?
ACS: Super exciting! Because I’d do the exact same thing with an extra hour in my day. If you could have any crazy talent (rolling your tongue, saying the alphabet backwards, fun things) what would you want your talent to be? Or if you already have a crazy talent, what is it?
SJ: I’d love to be able to speak any language. You know, like those translator aps you get? So that I could go on holiday and just converse with people in their own language. How cool would it be to go to Paris and simply be able to order whatever you wanted to eat or drink in perfect French – without having to spend months learning it?
ACS: Oh to be able to go anywhere and speak the language. There would be a never ending supply of every delicious thing imaginable! I think I’m gaining a few pounds here just thinking about it. Who would you want to have as a stripper at your birthday party?
SJ: Can I have more than one? Like a Magic Mike situation?
ACS: Sure. But only if I get an honorary invite. Since I’m throwing you such an awesome birthday party and all.
SJ: I’d have Jason Momoa. Alex O’Loughlin. Jensen Ackles. And Jessie Pavelka. Oh my God, now I really want to have these as my own personal strip group.
ACS: That sounds like the best possible kind of birthday party. Hard to choose which I’d drool over the most. If you could have a cocktail with someone from history, what drink would you have? NO! Just kidding. Who would you have a drink with?
SJ: Ha, I like your style! I’d have a Margarita, or a Cosmo – hard to choose – and I’d have it with Jane Austen.
ACS: I would love to see what Jane Austen is like after a few Cosmos. I bet she’s all kinds of fun. I had so much fun having you here today. Thank you again for stopping by!
SJ: These were seriously fun questions and I enjoyed every minute. Thanks again! Skye x

Dylan Roberts returns to the Wales of his birth a changed man after the violent death of his mate. Having turned his back on being a bounty hunter and sworn off love for life, all he wants now is revenge.

When he meets Aeron Lombardo, his new farmhand, Dylan resents the intense attraction that blossoms between them. But Aeron won’t stop pushing and soon things take a hot and sexy turn.

As passions rise, danger rears its ugly head. Now Dylan and Aeron must choose whether to separate or commit to one another totally. Will Dylan take the final step and claim his new mate?

“Turn around.” Dylan’s low voice echoed in the bathroom.

He did as instructed, skin goose bumping in the chill air. Thick fingers touched either side of his torso and gently pressed down into his lower back. “Does it hurt?”

He shook his head.

“Turn back around.”

He faced the front and watched as Dylan moved large hands over his torso, gentle but firm. He pressed a little more on the right hand side. “What about here? Hurt at all?”

“No.” He exhaled a shaky breath. No matter how much he told his dick not to take interest in the proceedings, he became more and more aroused at every touch.

Then Dylan did something so strange it snapped him out of his fog of desire. The man leaned in towards Aeron and sniffed him.

“Jesus.” Aeron took a step back, butting up against the sink behind him. “Did you just smell me?”

About Skye:
Skye Jones is an erotic romance author who likes to write about that moment when lust and love meet and head on.
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Twitter: @skyejromance

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  1. Ree Dee says:

    Beautiful colors on the cover! I enjoyed the interview. Thank you for the post and the giveaway!

  2. flutterfli says:

    Hi, Skye! Congratulations on your release. The cover is amazing and I love all that I’ve read. I look forward to adding this to my library. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.

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