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Thianna D’s As Natural As Breathing

Gotta say I’m excited to have Thianna D joining me today. Her book As Natural As Breathing is one you’ll want to check out. Today Christian and Logan stopped by for an interview and you will be glad you got to read it. They were fun to talk to! After the interview, read all about the book and an excerpt that will leave you wanting more. At the very bottom enter for a chance to win a copy of the book and a gift card.

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Lissa Kasey’s Hidden Gem/Sam Kadence’s On The Right Track & Unicorns and Rainbow Poop

Lissa Kasey and Sam Kadence are the same person. Mind blown, I know. But her work is amazing and if you haven’ read one of these books, then you need to. I’ve read all three here and they are so good. Today I am privileged to have Sebastian and Dane with me today, the characters from Unicorns and Rainbow Poop. Interviewing them was so much fun. Dane was also nice enough to include his recipe for rainbow poop cookies for you to make yourself. After the interview read about all three books with wonderful excerpts for each. At the very bottom enter for a chance to win either print copies of Hidden Gem, Unicorns and Rainbow Poop or audiobook codes for On The Right Track.

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