Friday August 15, 2014; The Day The Game Changed

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Friday started out like every other Friday for the past year. I took my daughter to school, ran some errands, tried to get enough things done before the weekend so I could spend the most amount of time with my family, and managed to hurt myself doing something extremely klutzy (falling UP the stairs if you can’t survive not knowing how).

I had decided to go to bed early since my arms and legs were protesting doing much of anything other than laying down. I was almost asleep when my dear, darling husband crashed into the room with the news that he was waiting to book our vacation so I could pick the room type. Since I wanted the trip book now because then it means we’re actually GOING, I sat up and pulled out my laptop.

After looking at the rooms and deciding what kind we wanted to stay in, I figured I’d check my email real quick before heading to sleep. Boy am I glad I did. I had the best news ever there. What was that news you ask? That amazing news that changes everything? Let me explain.

I recently wrote a short story that only a handful of people knew about. I had a week to write, edit, and submit it. I didn’t even tell my best friend! (Sorry B McB! You know I love you!) In that rush to get it done I forgot to add it to my website as a project I was working on. I got it sent off and promptly put it out of my mind. I knew I’d hear back in about a week or two and had other things to deal with besides worrying. I had other stories to write that I set aside to write that short.

Now that amazing news I got Friday night around 9:30PM? I got a contract to have Agent Princess Twinkle Buttons: Matchmaker included in the upcoming Kritter Tales anthology. I don’t have any information on release date or anything like that. But it’s accepted! My first published work!

So how does this change my game? Well now that the first one is accepted and (will be) published, that makes it easier to keep going. I’d been hard on myself for not publishing anything yet so this helps with my confidence. It also motivates me to keep writing and publish more. I don’t want to become the publishing version of 4 Non Blondes (for those that aren’t old enough to get the reference, that was a band in the 90s that had one massive hit and then fizzled out of existence). Which means writing. More writing. So that’s what I’ll be doing. You’ll see lots of #amwriting posts coming up in the weeks ahead. Hopefully there will also be one more release this year but we’ll see how that goes.

For now, I want to thank Vicktor Alexander and Rooster and Pig Publishing for making this happen. I’d like to thank Liz Borino and Will Parkinson for cheering me on to keep writing. Also to the lovely Karen Peacock for beta reading so quickly that I was able to meet my timeline. Finally to my B McB for being the best friend a girl could ask for and constantly keeping me sane. Without these lovely people I’d still be working on my goal of publishing this year.


  1. Ardent Ereader says:

    Congratulations on your great news!! I look forward to reading Agent Princess Twinkle Buttons: Matchmaker when it is published!!!

  2. Will Parkinson says:

    I’m so damn proud of you! Congratulations.

  3. Kate Sherwood says:

    Congratulations – good luck with it!

  4. Sula says:

    Congratulations Amanda and I look forward to reading your first book and the many more to come 😀

  5. Bestie McBesterson says:

    I cannot put into words how proud I am of you! I’m looking forward to reading it (since I didn’t get to pretend like I normally do!). One GIANT step in the right direction!!!!

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